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Black Clothing Hiiden is a dressmaker's atelier with special orientations to historical clothing, and to black clothes.

We also provide you with typical sewing service, and repairing and fixing old clothes.

We deliver patterns of your choice, if you like to sew your own.

The atelier has a little shop with local handcrafters' products that fit the idea of our special areas. 

Please, feel free to visit or contact us.
Tuureporinkatu 13 A, near the Turku bus station. Ring the doorbell.
 Open tue -fri 11am-5pm, sat 10am-3pm in the winter.

Hiiden means something that Hiisi owns. Hiisi is an ancient god of Finns. He was the ruler of the dark side of the forest as Tapio was that of the bright side. The name Hiisi has left its mark to many places in Finland, and so it is known that those places have had some magic in them for ancient people.